Combo Veggies Basket


Combo Nutri Veggies Basket

The plan is to have the Balanced Diet and the Vegetables listed below in one week will not get repeated for the following weeks, except Cabbage & Bitter Guard. Most of the time we forget,  what we ate a week ago. So we normally go the Veg shop and buy whatever is available OR choose the items based on our Mood. So there is a chance that we eat many of the items repeatedly week-over-week knowingly or un-knowingly. As every one knows that, every Vegetable will have its own nutritional value. So there is chance that we miss some of important nutrients that are needed for our body just by consuming a similar type of vegetable all the time. To avoid that, we have customized “Nutri COMBO Veggies Basket” which contains 17 items which are must to have items for a Complete Cooking for a week.

We had splitted a month into 4 weeks. If you purchase our COMBO Veggies Pack for a week, you need not go out for anything to buy Vegetables. We had designed in such as way that will fit for a small family. In this way, the wastage of Valuable Vegetables can be avoided and you can save the your money as well.

People say, all good thing must be started with Sweets. Since we have too many good things in our daily life, we usually consume more sweets than any other tastes. God gave us, 6 Tastes and all should be consumed on a daily basis to maintain good health. The important taste that we all forget now-a-days is bitter, which is vital for many organs in our Body. Bitter Taste is the one that many of us don’t like and tries to avoid most of the time. Consuming this taste at least once in a week will keep us away from many illness. So I added Bitter Guard twice in a month (alternate week) with our “COMBO Veggies Basket”.

Below are the detailed info about Item Description, price of COMBO Veggie Basket, FAQ etc.

We have added Beans (Cluster Beans, Long Beans, Regular Beans) & Gourd (Ash Gourd, Snake Gourd, Bitter gourd, Bottle Gourd, etc) family Vegetables one in each variety every week. So the items that you consumed in week1 will not get repeated for the following weeks. So you won’t get bored. Same for Green Leafy Vegetables (4 Different Green Leaves for Each week). Please go-through the below table that has the menu of all 4 Weeks. Please share your thoughts or ideas