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Akshaya Kalpa Organic Milk

We would like to inform that, we have tie-up with Akshaya Kalpa Organic Milk Producer and doing the Home Delivery of Akshaya Kalpa Milk. So those who are interested can order this milk and the same can be delivered before 6.00 AM every day to your door step. The first thing that most of us sees after waking up in the morning is “Milk”, not even our faces. A day starts with Milk for many of us. Since “Milk” has become part of our daily life and cannot be avoided, it is very vital for us to find a quality one and start consume in-order to escape from many illness. Akshaya Kalpa milk is Organic and the Milk Derives from Tension Free Cows. We wanted to give an opportunity for every one to give it a try at-least for a day and test themselves, feel the difference on how this milk varies from the regular milk that you consume. We can arrange a sample of 200 ML Packet milk only for those families, who wanted to switch over to Organic Akshaya Kalpa Milk. The Price of Organic Akshaya Kalpa Milk are as follows. This is the standard price where ever you buy Organic Akshaya Kalpa Milk.

Please e-mail us to and SMS 9243487002 or Whatsapp 8123149297 or Send Fill Enquire Form from our Website to get the Milk Delivered to your Door Step with Special Discounted Price

  1. Organic Raw Milk – 60/- per Liter, 1/2 L = 30/-

  2. Organic Skimmed Milk – 50/- per Liter ,  1/2 L = 25/-

  3. Organic Curd 200ml = 16/-

Please note Akshaya Kalpa have Organic Milk, Curd, Butter, Ghee, Cheese.

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